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Ahh. Summer.

The sun shines long today.

As the day unfolds, many teens and young adults will lounge by a pool, hit the beach, or play a sport.

This is as it should be.

But there are teenagers out there that are doing more than just laze around. I had the privilege of getti...

What if life were predictable?

What if every time you planned something, it came out exactly that way?

I am sure it would be nice to assume control over what happens in your life.

But would you want that,, really?

Sounds downright boring.

Kind of like a rut.

Teaching can get...

Sunrise. Sunset. Sunrise. Sunset.

I always loved the song from Fiddler on the Roof.

It highlights the transitions in life.

Well, the main ones at least.

I was talking to Peter Palanca the other day. He is the oldest cousin of this generation of Palanca cousins at 67 years...

“Oh you are such an “empath.” my friend said to me over coffee.

Well, I had to look that word up.

It says that empaths feel and deeply understand other people’s feelings.

Hmm. Aren’t all humans empaths?

I thought so until I got a ROBO call the other day.

I knew the Social S...

Cal Thomas is a columnist. When his columns do get in the paper, I do what I do for survival. I don’t read them.

But in today’s paper, Thomas talks about how wonderful things are at present in the USA and is trying his best to discredit his Democratic opponents. Debate...

What are the perks that keep you getting up and going to work?

After talking to many people in the work force, I have found the common answers to be:

1. Connection and Collaboration

2. Clear and Defined Goals individually and as a team

3. An open channel of communication a...

So, recently, we decided we wanted to fill the painful void left when Mojo became ill and was taken from us so abruptly. He had been with me a long time and since I had had him from his puppy stage, I felt that perhaps that was the way to go when thinking about a new d...

I held the first Be That Teacher with Palanca Leadership for Delta Kappa Gamma at Van Buren Youth Camp a year ago.

Little did I know, it would launch me toward a more focused vision for early career educators, but the real value was in meeting and collaborating with Wes...

I’ve got connections.

This used to be what a person would strive for in those old days of business building.

But today it is a different scenario.

We need to build connectedness.

This would mean something totally different.

Having connectedness means you have shared a give...


We all face them.

There is not a spot where you can be totally safe,

know what your future holds, or be able to predict where your path might lead.

This kind of indecision fueled a transition in me. I retired from classroom teaching, and started a nonprofit...