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What does your interview style say about you?

Today I was listening to NPR in my car.

If I am tired, I can’t do this. They are sort of like a soothing book on tape. I am lulled by their even toned, nonplussed way of communicating. At times, I crave the style. It gives me...

I looked up life transitions today.

I was thinking that these would be more like milestones.

I found, instead, that the examples given had to do with pain and loss:

  • Loss of a role

  • Loss of a person

  • Loss of a place

  • Loss of where you fit into the world


I stood outside my classroom door every morning to greet the students. My good friend, Derek, stood across the hall. It was a hopeful time in the day. Those moments in which the kids were fresh and so were we.

The second bell chimed indicating all buses were in and scho...

If you would have told me ten years ago that I would be starting a business on my own, I would have probably laughed myself to tears.

If you would have told me that I would have an earth shattering disruption in my life that would have me out on my own, after many years...

I walked into the Teacher’s Lounge the other day, where I was to present my 2.5 hours of training. You see, each year, the State of Michigan requires school districts to provide so many hours of professional development.

My place on the docket was dead last. With 2 days...

As I approached my grill to uncover it, I noticed a monarch among the wet leaves. It appeared to be stuck to the cover and, having a soft spot in my heart for these transcontinental aviators, I felt compelled to figure out a way to save it.

I don’t think it is crazy tha...

It has been so fun to see pictures posted by teachers going back to start a new school year.

My goodness!

The classrooms look worthy of magazine spreads of how-to make your classroom a showcase.

Oh! Believe me!

There will be parents clamoring to have their student in that...

I have come to the conclusion that my life is not supposed to be normal. While you may applaud this fact, I have to be honest when I say I long for the chance to just be normal. You know, like all the great family pics on social media.

I can trace this yearning back to...

In the midst of working the other day, I decided to take a break and turn on the television.

Two stories were on about Lake Michigan swimming conditions. There was a reporter with his back to a sign that was emblazoned with “Red Flag. No Swimming.” Much to the reporter’...

Living in the NOW.

Seems like psycho-babble, no?

What if no one knew anything about you?

Your past was just that. PASSED?

No laurels to rest upon, no “connections” to brag about.

What if all you brought to the table was YOU?

What would be your strengths?

If no one knew you or...

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