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Sunrise. Sunset. Sunrise. Sunset.

I always loved the song from Fiddler on the Roof.

It highlights the transitions in life.

Well, the main ones at least.

I was talking to Peter Palanca the other day. He is the oldest cousin of this generation of Palanca cousins at 67 years...

“Oh you are such an “empath.” my friend said to me over coffee.

Well, I had to look that word up.

It says that empaths feel and deeply understand other people’s feelings.

Hmm. Aren’t all humans empaths?

I thought so until I got a ROBO call the other day.

I knew the Social S...

Cal Thomas is a columnist. When his columns do get in the paper, I do what I do for survival. I don’t read them.

But in today’s paper, Thomas talks about how wonderful things are at present in the USA and is trying his best to discredit his Democratic opponents. Debate...

What are the perks that keep you getting up and going to work?

After talking to many people in the work force, I have found the common answers to be:

1. Connection and Collaboration

2. Clear and Defined Goals individually and as a team

3. An open channel of communication a...

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