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Fun things to do on this snow day inside

 Kitchen Stuff:

-Use fraction measuring cups and try to decide if how to cut  the recipes in half or make double. Can make a mean dinner this way. 

Have kids decide from a cook book recipe what they would like to make from scr...

Get on the Creativity Wagon: 

Put a bunch of silly props you have around the house into paper bags. Give each person a bag and tell them that together they must create a play to perform.

DANCE PARTY!! www.spruce.com/how-to-plan-a-musical-dance-party or www.gonoodle.com


Snow days.

If you have ever been in Michigan for a winter, you know the weather will certainly be terrible enough for a school cancellation…lovingly called a SNOW DAY.

Today is one of those days.

I watch my social media coverage with happy teachers who will not have to dr...

The streetlights are on, time to go home. Don’t play with that, you’ll shoot your eye out. Take your boots off in the house. Because I said so…..

Children are shaped first by their parents.

In my life as a parent, I am sure I have erred many times with advice on things I...

Yesterday's Scenario:

They had been there again.

That group that comes after the school day is done.

They use my equipment and even though things are put away, I can’t help feeling violated.

Yesterday, I planned to leisurely put up my bulletin boards. I put my ear buds in...

Jacqueline Hill was a Physical Education teacher at my high school.

I laugh a little when I say that, because she wasn’t athletic at all.

She was a very slightly built African American woman from the South. I wasn’t particularly athletic myself, (well, I thought I was bu...

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