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I was a child when I saw the first Breaking News Bulletin interrupt Captain Kangeroo.

I remember it as being frightening.

Whatever could have happened to make my stomach clutch and try and find cover?

You see, back in my childhood, presidents and minority leaders were bei...

I love reading the posts that teachers put on Instagram. It provides a professional arena for collaboration; be it for instruction or merely to share frustrations.

The other day, I saw a post. The heading had the word teachers in it, so I assumed it had been posted for...

It feels good to give.


It feels good not to expect anything in return for giving.

Today’s crop of young educators ARE givers.

Selfless servants.

If we focus in on what is most important and enduring for our future, we Americans, need to take notice of this.

Teacher sh...

I was one of those kids that thinks too much.

No, not in the figuring out math problems or how to put things together.

Mostly, I worried.

I worried especially about things I couldn’t control.

Things like the weather, people passing away in accidents, plane crashes, and the...

  You can catch more flies with honey.

When I was a kid, I used to muse about what a waste this was to just catch flies. What about other stuff like bug spray or swatters?

Certainly no one wants flies around their honey…

  Today, I watched my daily dose of morning news up...

  Being in the business of supporting early career teachers is like telling someone they will have to climb a mountain blindfolded in the winter with no shoes and unsure footing.  It is a tough career.

  At this present moment, Chicago public school teachers are on...

       Let's start a conversation.


                    SELF CARE

Conferences, marking periods, endless lesson plans, parent int...

Someone is watching you.

Ever had that feeling?

You look around, right and left, up and down. With no results...still that feeling.

Teachers of all ages need to be aware. You will be watched and surveilled undercover.

Before you start learning spy moves to shake your tail...


This is essential to living a good life.

Then again, so is solitary time.

How to balance?

A very thoughtful man I know told me that there would be times that I would crave some alone time and there will be time when I will not.

So much can be accomplished by...

Today is a wormy sort of day.

At least that is what I would have discussed with my students when they arrived in the morning.

Wormy days are wet, filled with periods of rain, and ultimately provide no chance for the kids to go out for recess.

A teacher’s nightmare.

In my s...

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