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The streetlights are on, time to go home. Don’t play with that, you’ll shoot your eye out. Take your boots off in the house. Because I said so…..

Children are shaped first by their parents.

In my life as a parent, I am sure I have erred many times with advice on things I...

Jacqueline Hill was a Physical Education teacher at my high school.

I laugh a little when I say that, because she wasn’t athletic at all.

She was a very slightly built African American woman from the South. I wasn’t particularly athletic myself, (well, I thought I was bu...

My great aunt, Celista Newman Murphy would have been 106 this week.

Sis was like a grandmother to my family; and spoiled my brothers and sisters and me with grape soda, bakery coffee cakes, and fried perch. She was a nurturer, wise and strong.  

Her influence on my life...

Teachers here in Michigan are blessed with networks in which they can share ideas and strategies. There are a myriad of universities and colleges to assist when a new teacher needs credit hours or extra classes to fulfill the requirements levied by the State and Federa...

“What colors do you see in this picture?” my great grandmother asked me.

It was one of her Tuesday art classes that I had joined my first year out of college. Along with my mother and a bunch of other ladies, I thought it was a hoot to hang out with them while I waited...


What does this word mean to you?

Depending on where you are in life, I believe it to have many different and appropriate meanings.

For my teacher friends, urgency means getting classrooms and plans ready for a deadline. My business friends might find meaning in t...

Moving is tedious.

It is back breaking work.

I never expected it to bring me joy.

But yesterday it did.

You know how you always think, when you say you clean your closet, you reach clear back in the corners? Yeah, well usually, I give it a few swipes, but if there is an er...

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