A Love Story

I peeked inside the bathroom to see three neat rows of medications, drops, and lotions. It seemed excessive for our 3 day stay in Florida. It’s hard to believe we are in our 60’s. The reunion was spur of the moment and planned quickly so that we (former WMU roommates and friends) could visit our dear friend having chemotherapy treatments. We arrived in Florida from different parts of the US to dance a little with our friend and cheer her up. Well, we would have danced, but half of us have had back surgeries and sitting in a chair is sometimes an ordeal. We spent hours laughing and reminiscing. We shared secrets and rehashed stories that made us double over with laughter. It was not a time t

Netflix and Chill

Okay, I will admit that I am mostly drawn to period series when it comes to Netflix. I have enjoyed watching the Monarchy, Outlander, the Vikings, Spanish Princesses, War stories and the like. I would not be a very fun “Netflix and Chill” date. Fantasy and light simple shows are not my cup of tea. My favorite series of all time is based on Ken Follett’s book Pillars of the Earth. I have read the book 3 times. Currently, I am watching Ann with an E. It is loosely based on L.M. Montgomery’s book series Anne of Green Gables. The story is filled with costumes of the 1890’s and the life of a young orphan girl, Anne, who is adopted by a brother and sister on Prince Edward Island. It is pretty whol

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