Kobe. The Legacy.

Kobe Bryant’s death sent a shock wave through the world yesterday. I really don’t follow professional basketball very well, but I do look at the leaders with scrutiny. After all, when the eyes of the entire world are on you in a professional and public light, you have an obligation to behave and model leadership. I knew who Kobe Bryant was. I know who LeBron is. I have had many years to watch Michael Jordan and Magic. I think there are so many tough factors when you look at someone taken so young. First of all, he was being a dad. On a normal Sunday. Just going to practice. It normalized him into you and me. The regular Joe’s who might not have taken a helicopter to get there, but would w

Where did you get that sub?

. The wheels of education move slowly. You wouldn’t think so when you hear of schools adopting new programs, textbooks, or the cutting edge anti-bullying or social-emotional programs, but the blood and guts of the machine have too many moveable parts. The actual delivery by qualified teachers, especially substitutes, is diminishing the quality we are trying so hard to maintain. Two years ago, my fellow colleague and I sat at WMU and suggested that, since there was a newly amended Michigan law for how many hours substitute teachers needed (down from 90-60) wouldn’t it be great if juniors were required to sub, get the experience, and also the pay? It was a win-win. The idea grew legs and befo

So you want to be the BOSS

During a conversation with some late 20 and 30 somethings, I was interested to find that they had switched jobs at least 3-5 times after their college careers. “The boss was out of touch. The hours were not what I expected. I found it too far of a commute.” My favorite one: “I felt like I was in a rut and wanted something different. It would be so much better if I WAS the boss.” Think about that for a moment. Surely, those gainfully employed, administrator-ladder-climbers have felt the same frustration. Isn’t that what leads young teachers to want to be at the helm? To go and get that Ed Leadership degree? Isn’t it their primary wish to make a difference in the frustration levels of teacher

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