A group of ELITE Super Heroes

Have you ever wondered what happens to teachers when they get together? Laughing. Lots and lots of laughing. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with some very dear friends. All of us had been in the same school district and many (save 2) were retired. Annette was the host. She became a 4th grade teacher shortly after I began teaching. I remember her distinctly as a beautiful mother of identical triplets. She would come to school to pick up her oldest daughter like a mother duck, as the three identical ducklings trailed behind. I focus on her today because she knows the meaning of connectedness. She hosts our “tribe” that gets together this time, almost every year. This group picks right up whe

Why should I listen to adults?

I was a child when I saw the first Breaking News Bulletin interrupt Captain Kangeroo. I remember it as being frightening. Whatever could have happened to make my stomach clutch and try and find cover? You see, back in my childhood, presidents and minority leaders were being murdered in broad daylight. The drills we practiced were created for air raid bombings, not active shooters. Television was meant to entertain and not frighten. There were certainly lines of prejudice and political campaigns seemed more like friendly intermural games, in which you accepted the outcome, even if it was not your own. The problem arises when things DO NOT move forward. Today there are at least 3-5 Special Rep

That is a hard no.

I love reading the posts that teachers put on Instagram. It provides a professional arena for collaboration; be it for instruction or merely to share frustrations. The other day, I saw a post. The heading had the word teachers in it, so I assumed it had been posted for teachers to see. Here is my dilemma: While this post was relevant to teachers facing the holiday classroom, and I saw that it had been shared a few times, it contained the word F*CK. (spelled out with all the letters). It had me pause. It had me question why someone thought this was an “okay” post to represent teachers. I, for one, was offended and very turned off.( AND I consider myself somewhat hip) Out there on social media

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