Thank You Giving

It feels good to give. Right? It feels good not to expect anything in return for giving. Today’s crop of young educators ARE givers. Selfless servants. If we focus in on what is most important and enduring for our future, we Americans, need to take notice of this. Teacher shortage? I am not sure there is a shortage of people who might want to teach, but careers that appear easier, grant more money for salaries, and don’t require work to go home (in fact, some work from home) are the appeal. All is not lost. What we have before us, in the teacher training field, are the shiners. The diamonds in the rough, if you will. The givers. Believe me, they have had people try to steer them away. Teache

I'm Fine

I was one of those kids that thinks too much. No, not in the figuring out math problems or how to put things together. Mostly, I worried. I worried especially about things I couldn’t control. Things like the weather, people passing away in accidents, plane crashes, and the end of the world. Once, when my parents were away, my brother had a set-to with the woman watching us. It was dead of winter and the wind was whipping off Lake Michigan. He put on his snow pants, boots, hat, gloves, and walked out the back door telling us he was running away. But nothing penetrated the normal chaos of 5 kids in a 3 bedroom house with one bathroom. No one else seemed very concerned. I was sobbing as I begge

You can Catch more Flies with Honey

You can catch more flies with honey. When I was a kid, I used to muse about what a waste this was to just catch flies. What about other stuff like bug spray or swatters? Certainly no one wants flies around their honey… Today, I watched my daily dose of morning news updates and clearly, whomever wrote this little saying was wise. First, I was watching the newscaster explain about yet another planned walkout of teachers. The schools were planning, in advance, to have a day with no school. Parents who were interviewed at the school expressed frustration. Some of this was directed at teachers but most was directed at an overall public school system that won’t move forward for the majority of US

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