Sorry, I Don't Understand

What does your interview style say about you? Today I was listening to NPR in my car. If I am tired, I can’t do this. They are sort of like a soothing book on tape. I am lulled by their even toned, nonplussed way of communicating. At times, I crave the style. It gives me comfort. Other times…. Today, however, there was an interview was with a young adult. How do I know? The bio prior to her interview helped. She was a newlywed who had hiked with her husband. I could have probably given you an accurate birth year plus or minus a year.Perhaps it was the way she answered her questions. “Yeah Well” to start each sentence. The other flag was the inflection of her answers to be statements phrased


I looked up life transitions today. I was thinking that these would be more like milestones. I found, instead, that the examples given had to do with pain and loss: Loss of a role Loss of a person Loss of a place Loss of where you fit into the world Wow! I know that things change and so must we, but it doesn’t always need to be so painful. Does it? When I look at early career teachers, I am sure there are times when they feel overwhelmed. One way to neutralize this feeling might be for them to surround themselves with a support system. A few experienced people who have been there and can give pointers when this job transition seems too much to handle.. Losing my great grandmother was a life

Don't Stop Trying

I stood outside my classroom door every morning to greet the students. My good friend, Derek, stood across the hall. It was a hopeful time in the day. Those moments in which the kids were fresh and so were we. The second bell chimed indicating all buses were in and school will begin now. I looked at Derek with a “maybe today?” look. You see, I had a tough student that year. He was 5 sizes larger than the other 5th graders and intimidating as heck. I wanted one day, without him, to teach my class without behavioral interruptions. It wasn’t big hearted at all but necessary.. I needed to reach the classroom benchmark like 4 days ago. I know this sounds awful. I was an accomplished educator. I

I have a Secret about Teaching

If you would have told me ten years ago that I would be starting a business on my own, I would have probably laughed myself to tears. If you would have told me that I would have an earth shattering disruption in my life that would have me out on my own, after many years being part of a family, I might have looked quizzically, but would not have believed it. IF you would have told me that I would have to step out of my comfort zone and merge with people I had never met in my life on a very personal basis, I would have scoffed. Yet these things happened in the course of the last ten years. Believe it or not, I am stronger for them. The most important revelation I had, during this time, was a d

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