That Inner Child

I walked into the Teacher’s Lounge the other day, where I was to present my 2.5 hours of training. You see, each year, the State of Michigan requires school districts to provide so many hours of professional development. My place on the docket was dead last. With 2 days of training under their belts, I felt the teachers sizing me up as I entered the room. Thankfully, I have lived through years of painful professional development. You know, the kind where you just want to stick forks in your eyes and run out like a raving maniac? My friend and colleague and respected Palanca Leadership Board member was going first. She is on a much different level than I. Her pedagogy has been with policy mak


As I approached my grill to uncover it, I noticed a monarch among the wet leaves. It appeared to be stuck to the cover and, having a soft spot in my heart for these transcontinental aviators, I felt compelled to figure out a way to save it. I don’t think it is crazy that this fragile beauty was hanging onto my fingers for dear life. It wasn’t over the top that I googled how to save a monarch. These insects represent the intense struggle to survive; to keep their species on earth no matter what. Well, I cut up a new sponge and made a syrup with sugar water. I placed the butterfly on the sponge and watched. Remembering from teaching all those years of science, that OBSERVATION is itself a teac

Classroom Décor: Too Much?

It has been so fun to see pictures posted by teachers going back to start a new school year. My goodness! The classrooms look worthy of magazine spreads of how-to make your classroom a showcase. Oh! Believe me! There will be parents clamoring to have their student in that room that has its own fireplace or a Pinterest themed reading nook. Teachers! Please be wary of how much “pizzazz” your room has. Often times the busyness of patterns and colors can throw off focus. Spending time and MONEY on the interior decorating can be really, really fun and I get that it is where you will be living the majority of your time, but does it promote learning? Edutopia points out in an October, 2018 article

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