Comfortable in this Skin

I have come to the conclusion that my life is not supposed to be normal. While you may applaud this fact, I have to be honest when I say I long for the chance to just be normal. You know, like all the great family pics on social media. I can trace this yearning back to different phases in my development. This is just the way I have been made. I am not sure I am comfortable with it all the time. Looking at other people’s happy satisfying lives really leaves me wanting sometimes. Perhaps it has something to do with birth order. Or maybe there is something inside me that will never settle and accept what is me. Now, I look back over the bulk of what has shaped me and my life and I question the

Parents, Bosses, and Boundaries

In the midst of working the other day, I decided to take a break and turn on the television. Two stories were on about Lake Michigan swimming conditions. There was a reporter with his back to a sign that was emblazoned with “Red Flag. No Swimming.” Much to the reporter’s chagrin, there were many people ignoring this sign and frolicking happily in the roiling waves. It is the same all along the lakeshore of Lake Michigan. Communities put up flags to warn the public to be cautious and not to swim, but when you look in the water, you see adults, kids by themselves, people slipping on the wet soaked piers, and you ask yourself: “How can these people be so dumb?” I believe that these vacationers

Teaching in the NOW

Living in the NOW. Seems like psycho-babble, no? What if no one knew anything about you? Your past was just that. PASSED? No laurels to rest upon, no “connections” to brag about. What if all you brought to the table was YOU? What would be your strengths? If no one knew you or your work, what could you honestly say about yourself? School districts have been interviewing all summer. They hope to fill positions with qualified people, yes. More importantly, they want teachers who will live in the NOW; those people who will collaborate with colleagues in the best interest of students. These people do not swagger around saying “..been there, done that” but are individuals who, whatever their year

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