Camp Magic

Ahh. Summer. The sun shines long today. As the day unfolds, many teens and young adults will lounge by a pool, hit the beach, or play a sport. This is as it should be. But there are teenagers out there that are doing more than just laze around. I had the privilege of getting to know them as I taught clinics in Life Skills at Van Buren Youth Camp this week. You know, it’s interesting about teens. There is almost an unwritten language among them about how “into” the leadership theories they should be. They look around the group before responding, checking out body language from their peers. If they are getting eye contact or feel others nod as they speak, it’s as if an invisible curtain is lif

What if life were predictable?

What if life were predictable? What if every time you planned something, it came out exactly that way? I am sure it would be nice to assume control over what happens in your life. But would you want that,, really? Sounds downright boring. Kind of like a rut. Teaching can get that way sometimes. Think of all the great discoveries in science that were results of predictable experiments gone awry. In trying to find a replacement resin for shellac, plastic was discovered. Saccharin, a sweetener, is a derivative of coal tar. The microwave oven discovered from work on a radar machine. The Xray, Vulcanized Rubber, Vaseline, Pacemakers, Matches, Velcro and yes Viagra. Sometimes the unpredictabilit

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