Transitions are tough

Sunrise. Sunset. Sunrise. Sunset. I always loved the song from Fiddler on the Roof. It highlights the transitions in life. Well, the main ones at least. I was talking to Peter Palanca the other day. He is the oldest cousin of this generation of Palanca cousins at 67 years old. We had been trying to connect for a few months and talk over some things with the company we share an interest in. He was a principle member of his business when he retired last year. We were catching up when he said: “Lisa, I am busier than I have ever been. The difference is I am not getting paid for it.” DING! DING! I hear that loud and clear. We support kids that graduate preschool to 12th grade, college graduates

Empath Training 101

“Oh you are such an “empath.” my friend said to me over coffee. Well, I had to look that word up. It says that empaths feel and deeply understand other people’s feelings. Hmm. Aren’t all humans empaths? I thought so until I got a ROBO call the other day. I knew the Social Security Administration would: A. Not call me on the phone B. Not speak with an accent of a foreign land (sorry but it most certainly was a second language C. Would not swear at me when I said I doubted they were from the SSA. The worst thing was that this dude called back after I hung up on him. He knew my name from my voicemail: …”Lisa,you ******* ****, I will **** your daughter and then I will **** you.” I was taken abac

Stop bashing our teachers

Cal Thomas is a columnist. When his columns do get in the paper, I do what I do for survival. I don’t read them. But in today’s paper, Thomas talks about how wonderful things are at present in the USA and is trying his best to discredit his Democratic opponents. Debate is fine when you have the facts. But I saw the word: Education and had to read more. Thomas struck a chord when he said: “Taxpayers are coughing up more for education. If there’s a correlation between the amount spent and student achievement, wouldn’t kids be better educated and better able to compete with other countries where students excel in math and science." Boy oh boy, Mr. Thomas. Let’s look at the facts. In other count

What Keeps You Going to Work?

What are the perks that keep you getting up and going to work? After talking to many people in the work force, I have found the common answers to be: 1. Connection and Collaboration 2. Clear and Defined Goals individually and as a team 3. An open channel of communication and feedback from a mentor 4. Flexible time off 5. Validation for work well done 6. Salary and Benefits Yesterday, I met with a retired teacher, who happens to be a very valuable asset to our Board of Directors and a valuable mentor for me. Her passion for educators has not been minimized, in fact, I believe that the flexibility to concentrate on one area, the restored enthusiasm of aspiring teachers, has been the catalyst o

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