Puppy Schooled: Learning Life Skills

So, recently, we decided we wanted to fill the painful void left when Mojo became ill and was taken from us so abruptly. He had been with me a long time and since I had had him from his puppy stage, I felt that perhaps that was the way to go when thinking about a new dog. I didn’t expect to be a dog owner again for a while, but FATE is FATE and now I have Lulu Mae. She is a sweet 15 week old puppy.After all, who can deny the sweetness of a puppy face, the frequent kisses, or undeniable attachment bonding? Did I say it was well over 10 years that my first dog came home to me as a puppy? The situation I am facing, I am calling not PUPPY SCHOOL but “being schooled by a puppy." First, I am bein

Congratulations Alex on WMU Rising Star

I held the first Be That Teacher with Palanca Leadership for Delta Kappa Gamma at Van Buren Youth Camp a year ago. Little did I know, it would launch me toward a more focused vision for early career educators, but the real value was in meeting and collaborating with Western Michigan University Education students. One in particular, Alex Bohr. You see, I am sure Alex was just after free stuff that first day at VBYC, but he is the prime example that seeds bear fruit where planted. When we talked in the summer, Alex and I had a shared vision to bring BTT to WMU for the students to be enriched on campus. Not only did he do the leg work in getting us into meetings, facilitating the discussion wit

Connectedness or Connections

I’ve got connections. This used to be what a person would strive for in those old days of business building. But today it is a different scenario. We need to build connectedness. This would mean something totally different. Having connectedness means you have shared a give and take with a person. not just tapped an opportunity. In our world today, connectedness is sought after in social media, through face time and snapchat, but it that is not being connected. Yesterday I met with a friend who runs a business. While our connection was social, there was a give and take of ideas that allowed for us to be more appreciative of just having the other in our circle.. It was a shared benefit. and is

Walk Through the Door: Transitions

Transitions. We all face them. There is not a spot where you can be totally safe, know what your future holds, or be able to predict where your path might lead. This kind of indecision fueled a transition in me. I retired from classroom teaching, and started a nonprofit to assist in transitions that student intern teachers were finding difficult. In 2015, I wrote 2 journals that were copy written by the US Library of Congress. The first is the Life Skills Toolkit, and the second is practical life skills for living on your own for the first time. These books could be a lifeline for you or someone you know. It seems, from reading evaluations from our most recent workshop, this daunting “transi

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