Losing My Mojo

Monday, I talked with teachers about taking care of themselves. I explained that life will give you unexpected road blocks to navigate around. That is what life is, right? A navigation? Little did this group know, I was dealing with my own private hell. If you are not a dog owner, you won’t understand. .I once was a non- animal person. When people were wrecked over pet’s deaths, I would have those condescending “only an animal” thoughts. But today I know better. My Mojo became so much more.The best friend I have ever had; my constant and loving companion, my audience and taster for my Food Shows, the one being whom I could totally trust and they told me last week he has cancer. And it’s not

This is our season

To everything thing, there is a season…. There are very few remnants left of the life I had as a public school teacher of the 80’s forward. I recall the luxury of time to have lunch outside of school, of benefits that were so wonderful that when I had two babies by C-Section we didn’t pay a penny. My insurance co-pay for any medications was $2.00! My pension was being front loaded and there were wonderful fun times with students and faculties. Throughout the 80’s, we adopted whole language for reading and language arts. The touchy-feely 70’s material began to fade. It seemed like the fluctuations in how rigorous the curriculum was, was directly related to whomever was holding the purse strin

Before Schools go Shopping

It’s happening… The worm is slowly turning for teachers in Michigan! Our new governor has proposed a very formidable hike to public education in this state. While I say “HURRAY” for all the schools who will receive the benefits of this move, I also want to say: “Proceed with caution” to the group that will mete out this money. With public education spurned for so long, some may want to throw the money at every program and every possible deficit. But as I learned through doing nonprofit work, money doesn’t always buy happiness. Don’t get me wrong. This gesture is a huge step in the war for public school success. I believe that lack of funding is one of the highest hurdles faced by schools. My

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