When Americans Paint a Picture

I just returned from a lovely trip to warm Mexico. The experience was educational and provided time for reflection. I would like to deliver my message from the eyes of a Mexican worker at the resort we spent our time. Although not her exact words, I am pretty sure if she wrote down her experience it would be similar to this: The airport must have been very crowded today. The new vacationers from America look like they have spent a long time in customs. They are pale. Many seem unhappy. The Lounge Bar is busy with people who want to start enjoying our hotel. There are many friendly faces. We are smiling and laughing together. Many at the lounge are keeping me busy with drink orders. Children

Teachers Need Help

As a college student, did you ever wonder what the “Student Fees” charges meant on your tuition bill? I always had. It turns out that at Western Michigan University, the Student Fees are applied by a Board comprised of students, who pitch enrichment ideas for different areas in the college that could use a boost. The Western Michigan University Student Education Association or WSEA is one of those factions. Its president, Alex Bohr, is an active member of the education scene at WMU and in Kalamazoo. Alex is out to get the most up-to-date workshops for his fellow members who will soon strike out to be teachers. Fortunately for Alex, he attended a Palanca Leadership workshop sponsored by Delta

Define Adversity

Human adversity. What does it look like in your personal world? Sometimes one has but to watch the news to understand what is “small stuff” and what is actual adversity. And yet, we often fall into the pity party pit. Someone has posted a success story on social media. Pictures of the beautiful and skinny. Heads back in laughter, they seem to have it all. Nice family. Scads of dough. Prestige. Power. And it makes us want to get out a gallon of ice cream and just start eating it right out of the container. We wallow. As we take a deeper look, we might see that, for some, it is their lineage privilege. The privilege of a life of too much. We emulate them, want to move up to that level. We want

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