It is a Calling

The year I began teaching, 1981, my school district was preparing to strike. They were in heavy negotiations with the School Board and we had a mediator working for us. It seemed to take forever. Being a brand new teacher, I was told that without tenure, I shouldn’t be on the marching picket line. I was to do odd jobs like prepare food and baby sit for teachers’ children. It was exhilarating to be a part of this collective group. There was a sort of an insular protection; a nurturing, if you will. It is what senior teachers often give the new ones in their midst; like the birds that hover around the nest. My starting salary back then, was $14,000. This wasn’t enough to live on even in 1982 b

Parallel Parking

Phew! There was a parking spot amid the cars. It was parallel but it was close. I looked over to my passenger seat and imagined Mr. Feely sitting there and saying: “Well, you better grab this spot.” I went through each step in my head as I pulled up beside the car ahead. There was already a line of cars forming behind me, and my brain was saying to just bag it and park in the lot. But I heard a voice saying “put it in reverse and don’t cut too sharp.” I did so. To my amazement, I perfectly placed my car between two others without a pull up and re-do. As I stepped out of the car, an older gentleman put up his hand in a thumbs up and shouted: “That was as close to perfect as I have ever seen!”

The Black Hole of Social Media..

My birthday was this week. Normally, people are lifted up by well-wishers and friends. For me, It has become something to get through. You see, when my daughters were small, we would celebrate for an entire weekend. Dinners out, concerts, family over….those were the things that mattered more than any gifts. I was not prepared for having an empty nest nor having to face it alone. Needless to say, all those things happened at once. I have always wondered what it was like to be alone during these times in one’s life. It is darn hard to and seems to constantly underline aloneness. . Let's face it, To be remembered is a special feeling. Facebook has changed the way we celebrate with people. I adm

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