Are your students snow ready?

I knew it before I woke up. The snow day that was imminent last night, showed up in full fury this morning. Thankfully, it arrived before schools had to make the dicey decision as to whether to put buses on the road. It takes me back to days, with young kids at home, snuggling back down in our pajamas, bringing out the saucers and sleds, shoveling, and remarking to all that passed that this was some weather. But is it really? In our area of Michigan, we average between 8-10 snow days per year. We have perfected what to do on snow days to a science. Some folks actually like the snow. After all the days spent watching students arrive at the door, the day after a snow day is especially telling

When Thank You isn't enough

I had a blog all written for today. I scrapped it. Before I could post it,I got a phone call from a person I knew from long ago. He is giving, freely, his time and effort to help me, help early career teachers. His gifts are mindboggling and I am in awe of his willingness to see my projects through. Boy, talk about thankful? It got me to thinking beyond my family circle to who really keeps my boat afloat. Wow! This makes for a powerful reaction. As I am wiping away the tears, I think back to last week. We had 12 people collaborating on our Be That Teacher Workshop with WMU. Some were speakers, some worked behind the scenes, some were students, and some were community members. Each of our sp

Always a Proud Bronco

My Bronco Pride is flying high today! Although it is has been many years since I walked up East Hall hill, I have stayed in touch with Western through classes, tailgates, seminars, and its community involvement. Kalamazoo has only been lifted up by having a university of this caliber in its midst. Saturday, I will be working with early career educators. Be That Teacher will be working under the support of Students….who want quality in their training. Alex Bohr, the president of WMU Student Education Association and I have been setting the email lines on fire. We have collaborated, talked to Dr. Ming Li and Regena Nelson in WMU’s Education college, and will offer a 4 hour seminar filed with s

Go ahead...Open up that closet door

Have you ever spent an afternoon organizing your closet? It is thought provoking to be sure. That favorite shirt and the memories it brings about. That painted smock and the child who presented it with such joy. Each great idea, each technique can be matched with an outfit or a pair of shoes. We all know what we were wearing on days of significance. Sometimes it is time to let go of those old togs. My daughter says if you didn't wear it in a year, it is not worth keeping. Hmm. That may be true. Soon I will look at a lecture hall filled with early career educators that are getting ready to fill their own closets with memories. Using this metaphor, let’s think about the types of closets we mig

If you love it, stay in it

The year was 1981. I opened my shoebox filled with rejection letters attached to teacher applications and threw in the 130th one. Since graduating, this year had been most discouraging. There was a glut in the teacher market. I tried everything I could think of to get my foot in the door. Talking to a coworker at Sports Illustrated Court Club, where I worked after a day of substitute teaching, I was explaining that I was getting prepared to throw in the towel. It had been a week where I was getting called to sub, and that was great, but I felt like I would never get in the door, because schools really liked having that list of go-to subs. He helped me fill out my application to Nursing Schoo

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