Hey! We've got a SUB!

Imagine the glee on students faces when they arrive at their classroom in the morning to exclaim: “Hey! We’ve got a Sub!” For many students, a substitute teacher represents a free-for-all day, where the mettle of the sub is tested by normally well behaved students acting like maniacs. The saying: “While the cat’s away, the mice will play” couldn’t be truer. I began my teaching career as a substitute teacher. It was 1980 and there was a glut in the teaching world. The only way to stay in the career I loved was to become a sub. Schools had special people who called the subs each morning. I learned to appreciate those callers over the years. Our caller, Linda Miller, would answer, give you unde

Stop the Bleeding

I had a few conversations yesterday with people who presently work in schools with students. The first, particularly, was ironic. This was a former teacher, principal, asst. superintendent, superintendent, and now, a 3rd grade teacher in her retirement. She was absolutely swamped with the prep, delivery, chemistry, and amount of time she was dedicating to teaching 3rd grade. Don’t get this wrong, this woman was a leader in Texas school systems where innovative ideas and approaches helped to turn an entire school district around.. She was apologizing to me. because as a curriculum director, when I was teaching, she wanted to use some of these ideas with our school district. She met some resi

Mission: Support Early Career Educators

I love the term ‘life-long learner’. Maybe because it gives me a pass for not knowing information or just being plain uninformed. When I began my nonprofit organization, I did so thinking that I would save teens and young adults from “being ignorant” to the manners, behaviors, or understanding of what it takes to be a leader, but, what I found was they were not the ones learning…it was me. Since the fall of 2015, I have worked or spoken to thousands of young people. Not understanding the nuances of leading a nonprofit, I observed many other groups not seeming to work so hard, obtaining grants and receiving donations and I thought, “Huh. I must need to work harder.” So I put my efforts into h

Make Believe

It is October. Fond memories of Halloweens, bonfires, Homecoming, and ironing brilliant leaves between waxed paper, fill my head. I am reminded of costumes that were created over a series of days that left us breathless with hilarious laughter. Dressing up was such a step outside of the person you were supposed to be. It was fun and somewhat magical to take that step away. It is a day of make believe. Today, I observe the holiday from behind the door, a bowl of candy at the ready. I guess I have come to the conclusion that my trick-or-treating days are done. Time to hang up the mask. I want to be an observer. A group of 20 somethings validated me recently with enthusiasm and thanks. They rec

A Small Drop of Water

Have you ever had that feeling that the deck is stacked against you? Do you feel, in your heart, the unfairness of a situation, yet know you can do nothing to change it or make it better? It chaps. It makes us bristle. We cry sometimes. This may be true. But little drops make a mighty ocean. If you woke up today, in 2018, you have certainly fallen pawn to the political divisiveness of the United States. What happens in Washington, does have an effect on all of us. It can make us feel powerless and roils up in many people, the darkest, most awful feelings. Like Little League parents we choose sides….and our side is always right. Folks, we need perspective. It’s time to be proactive with your

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