The Accidental Parent

So what is considered good parenting? I have asked myself this a million times. As a Baby Boomer parent, I would often look around me for good parenting cues.. I had themed birthday parties, playdates, lessons in music and sports. My kids had most “things” that other kids had. But I got a little tired of these. What were they teaching my kids? You see, no one really teaches a person how to be a parent. Although influenced by parents and neighbors who hovered around their kids to over plan every nuance of their lives, I often considered myself a little lazy when it came to all that scheduled stuff. In fact, I felt downright guilty that I told them to play outside. I felt stressed when we took

Let's Build a Culture

Wait? Did you hear that? It’s the rattling of skeletons in the closet. Let’s face it, we are living in some very interesting times. We are told black is white and no one is really 100% wrong. Something inside us has turned off the everyday noise of this continuous drone. We were aghast at first, now, meh, not so much. The unbelievable has become the believable. How many are hearing those dry bones rattle and hoping that closet door is securely closed? Recently, I was working with a group trying to hire some leaders. We did background checks and read resumes. While things came back without incident, there was no measure of personal integrity we could check. We chose the ones who looked best

The Value of Teaching

The alarm didn’t ring this morning. It is a luxury of retirement. As I look back on this summer, I have to chuckle. This retirement thing is not all about lunching and traveling and beach days. And while I have had my share of those things, I have worked most of the summer at two different jobs, and my last pay check was for $11.11. Actually, I didn’t expect a paycheck at all, so don’t feel sorry for me. The thing is, I have worked with many retired teachers this summer. These people have a lifelong commitment to make the world a better place. Untold hours of volunteering, at the ready to say yes to the things I have requested personally and professionally. I am forever in awe of you and wis

Will you believe you can fly?

Doors. They say when one door closes, another one opens. It certainly is a hopeful adage. One can only walk through the door, to believe that this is true. But is it always the best choice? In 1996, after 15 years of teaching in the elementary school, a door opened for me to teach Science in the 7th grade in my district. It meant packing a classroom, moving to another building with a whole new staff. It meant administrators who worked with young teens and used a totally different discipline system that I was used to. I looked at this door, as it opened for me, with hesitancy. How do you leave a comfort zone, your work family, behind? I decided to find out. All through the summer, I worked a

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