When to be Grateful

Gratitude. Practicing it is all the rage these days. We are told to be mindful in our practice. And I have been, really, but gratitude differs from person to person. Recently, I was working in magazines that Amy, at Allure Salon in Kalamazoo, saves for me. These magazines serve as a base for one of my sessions. I am grateful for “these ready to be thrown away” magazines. Grateful for the trash mags. They make my work easier. Today elbows deep in an O Magazine , I couldn’t help but be a little envious of Oprah. What would it be like to have it all and tell other people to be grateful? I mean, come on. Oprah doesn’t have to be telling people anything, She has billions. Why do you bother with

Millennial School for Baby Boomers?

I haven’t written in a while. If you’ve been following, I apologize. I have bitten off a lot this summer and blogging is nearly impossible. I have learned so much about 20 somethings in all this chaos. I have learned that they are compassionate, not afraid to stick up for their beliefs, love righting wrongs (even though it may be a right to someone else), and are generally willing to tackle anything you throw at them as long as they know what that is exactly. I have also learned a lot about me. I am a Baby Boomer, not a Millennial. I was brought up to believe that I would have one lifelong job, one marriage, one steady income, benefits, and a house. What my new friends have taught me is that

When Millenials make you Tired

I am supposed to be an expert on working with millennials. But this week, I feel as if I am swimming upstream and far from feeling like a pro. Although I have tried approaching topics by several different avenues, I am finding that this age group does not take advice well. Instead, they deflect with the wiliness of super heroes and seem to not want to hear, yet alone take advice by mentors. Chris Abel wrote an article called: 5 Ways to Give Good Advice. I am hoping to glean some insight as I continue to mentor and try to enlighten without rebuffs. His suggestions are: 1) Check Your Motives 2) Understand Your Relationship 3) Ask Questions 4) Earn It 5) Love Unconditionally Okay. This sound ea

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