Palanca Leadership is a non-profit (501c3) organization dedicated to specifically support new career teachers in their first five years .

Let's face it, teaching is hard work.

Over the past 20 years, a shift has occurred in the education field.  Young people are deciding to enter careers that are trendy and different. In response to this, the teaching profession needs to become more attractive as a career choice.

Palanca Leadership fills the gaps that may turn early career educators away by offering workshops that will support, mentor, and guide peer collaboration.  Our speakers and breakout leaders are involved in motivating and fighting for the early career educator.  We offer ideas with which to  seek and find satisfactory solutions to questions, provide valuable mentor support, and allow for interaction with peers who teach in other districts.  It is our hope that, with this support, more early career educators will stay in the field.

 2019 Board of directors

lisa Palanca


 beth Dyer

 peter palanca

Leslie Chretien

 Michael Helms

         Ric Kienbaum

Susan Bensinger












Von Washington,Jr


Alex Bohr, Student Advisor

Barbara Khaja

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